Hi Neighbors, 
Our annual meeting was on July 10th, 2021 via Zoom.  Minutes will be posted on the website 2021 Annual Meeting Link after they are in draft form.
Here is a link to the Annual Dues payment information.
The tally for the election for the Board of Directors seat was completed on 7/11/21.  Wendell Hughes had the most votes. 
During this fire season, please consider signing up for the Summit county emergency alert system.  it can send you a text notification with useful information about conditions specific to the area.  
Also the Town of Frisco has regulated that those visiting Short Term Rentals (STR), are not allowed to park on the street at any time.  See the Town of Frisco STR website for more details. Go to our STR page to find out what you can do if you have an issue with a Short Term Rental.
If you have any feedback, suggestions or troubles, please email me using the Webmaster choice on the Contact Us page.
  Jennifer Bettridge,
   (Your Rose Crown Circle Neighbor)                                                                                                          
   Website Updated 10 July, 2021


Hi Neighbors, don't forget that the Parking Amendment in our covenants states that vehicles of any type can't be parked in your yard.  Additionally, trailers must be stored in the garage. 

Short Term Rental Information

Homeowners who utilize their houses as a short term rental, and their renters, must abide by all Town of Frisco and State of Colorado regulations and ordinances, and follow The Reserve Declarations. 
We encourage you to immediately report any issues you are experiencing with STR guests so the behavior can be stopped and to support the Town’s efforts to manage STRs.  
  • In the event of an emergency, Call 911
  • If there is a non-emergency, call the Frisco Police on their non-emergency number:        970-668-3579
  • Call the responsible Short Term Rental Property Manager or Management Company at the number that is listed on this link (within The Reserve Website)
Complaints about STRs also should be filed with the Town of Frisco hotline: 970-432-8291 or using the  Frisco STR Complaint Form.  (Photos are appreciated but not required.)
You can also call our property management partner, Basic Property Management: 970-668-0714.


The Reserve, a covenant controlled community, was developed in the mid-1990s to encompass 134 homes and a Preservation Area authorized by the Town of Frisco, Colorado. Our protective covenants and architectural design standards are in place to preserve the overall beauty of the homes and a natural feeling throughout the neighborhood. We partner with Basic Property Management to ensure there is a consistent and timely response to running the business of the neighborhood.

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Fire Information
Posted on Aug 25th, 2020
More than 80 percent of wildfires are caused by humans, so each of us plays a role in preventing a wildfire. It's important to understand wildfire prevention strategies related to camping, campfires, driving, outdoor equipment use, smoking, shooting and more. It's also important to be aware of and abide by current fire restrictions.

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