Reserve STRs

Options to report issues with short term rentals in the neighborhood
·      For an emergency, Call 911 or for non- emergencies, call the Frisco Police non-emergency number: +1-970-668-3579
·      Complaints about STRs also should be filed with the Town of Frisco so they can monitor owners' compliance with the regulations 
        Hotline: +1-970-432-8291
        Online Town STR Complaint Form
·      Call the responsible Property Rental Management Company (from below table). They are expected to respond promptly.
·      Call our property management partner - Basic Property Management: +1-970-668-0714 
Typical complaints we've had about STRs include: Too many vehicles, parking in the yard, blocking shared driveways and parking on the parking. Per Town of Frisco law and our Declarations; tenants staying in STRs are never to park on the streets. Also loud outside events, bon fires, and improper garbage disposal.
Address  Property Management Contact
209 Larson Lane
Jasmeet Dhaliwal  +1-617-480-2802
217 Larson Lane
Bighorn Rentals  +1-303-370-9146
225 Larson Lane
Bighorn Rentals  +1-303-370-9146
111 Lupine Lane
Jeff Newlin  +1-214-316-2185
211 Lupine Lane
PMI Summit Colorado  +1-970-368-3130
101 Windflower Lane
Turnkey Vacations  +1-888-512-0498
205 Windflower Lane
5 Diamond Lodging  +1-970-513-4500
104 Silver Bells Court
Josh Walker  +1-303-929-3833
114 Silver Bells Court
Felix Sanchez  +1-505-250-3815
208 Chiming Bells Court
Kendall Katskee  +1-310-567-7851
107 Rose Crown Circle
5 Diamond Lodging  +1-970-513-4500
111 Mountain Poppy Way
David Cole  +1-303-905-2775
115 Mountain Poppy Way
Pinnacle Lodging  +1-970-453-9140