• chevron_rightAbout Homeowner's Annual Dues?
    The annual dues cover the HOA's shared costs.  These costs include, but not limited to:
    • Common Grounds & Maintenance like common area dead tree removal, landscaping at both entry points, etc.
    • Architect Review Committee
    • Cul-de-sac Maintenance like snow removal & asphalt repair
    • Board Administration
    • General Administrative like fillings, insurance, legal, accounting, website, property management support services, etc.
    • Annual Homeowner Meetings

    The annual dues is $350 invoiced annually and due by August 31 (click here for a sample invoice).

    The invoice is mailed to your postal address registered with Basic Property Management. You can update your postal address or check your postal address "on file" by contacting Kerry at kerry@basicproperty.com.
  • chevron_rightCould you explain parking in The Reserve?
    • Per Town of Frisco regulations, and our covenants, there is NO parking on residential streets from 12:00am – 6:00am.
    • Per Town of Frisco regulations, Short Term Rental (STR) property tenants and their guests are not allowed to park on the street at any time.   Town of Frisco STR Parking Form
    • Per Colorado parking law, no vehicle may be parked within five feet of a public or private driveway, 15 feet of a fire hydrant, 20 feet of a crosswalk and 30 feet of a stop or yield sign.
    A 2019 committee of homeowners volunteered to review and update the guidelines about parking in our neighborhood.  They presented recommendations to homeowners at the 2019 Annual Homeowners Meeting.  In December 2019 homeowners voted to amend the Declaration parking rules. We encourage you to read the entire Parking Amendment. The following is intended to summarize the Parking Amendment but does not address each and every point in the Parking Amendment.
    • Homeowners are encouraged to use their driveways for parking, but may park on the street in compliance with Town of Frisco regulations, Colorado law and The Reserve’s rules.  
    • When parking on the street, vehicles must park in the direction of traffic and not obstruct other's property.  (In addition, per Colorado law, no vehicle may be parked within 5 feet of a public or private driveway, 15 feet of a fire hydrant, 20 feet of a crosswalk and 30 feet of a stop sign or yield sign.) 
    • No parking on lawns or landscaping.
    • An Owner or an Owner’s family, tenants or guests are allowed to park passenger vehicles in the driveway, including passenger vans that are 1 Ton or less in weight and that are not used for overnight stays while parked in The Reserve, and non-commercial trucks that are 1 Ton or less, provided that, in each case, all vehicle wheels are on the driveway (and when the owner has extended the driveway with the Association's permission, such wheels are no more than 2 feet off of the paved edge of the driveway and fully on the extension). Non-commercial trucks are trucks that are 1 Ton or less and are not cargo vans and are not used in the conduct of a business.  
    • Homeowners  (but not tenants, guests, invitees or others) may park their motor homes and campers on the driveway up to 72 hours in conjunction with a trip, provided that all vehicles’ wheels are on the driveway (and when the owner has extended the driveway with the Association's permission, such wheels are no more than 2 feet off of the paved edge of the driveway and fully on the extension).  Motor homes and campers are strictly prohibited from being used as auxiliary living or sleeping quarters at any time while in The Reserve.
    • Trailers (e.g., boat trailer, hauling trailer), boats and boating accessories, and snow mobiles, are to be totally enclosed within the garage on a lot, except for construction trailers as provided in, and in compliance with, the Parking Amendment.
    • Construction equipment and trailers, contractors, maintenance vehicles should be in your driveway, and once filled or unloaded, they can be parked on the street in front of your house during the day while working.  Communicate to your workers that they are not to park on the grass, or block access to other homes or to the street right of way and they must follow the law. Per Colorado law, no vehicle may be parked within 5 feet of a public or private driveway, 15 feet of a fire hydrant, 20 feet of a crosswalk and 30 feet of a stop sign or yield sign.
    • You can wash your vehicle in the driveway, but not do service or repair in the driveway.
    Helpful info...
    • If you have more cars than your drive holds, visit the Town of Frisco website to verify current overnight parking options.  As of June 2020, there are 2 overnight parking locations.  
    • If someone is parking improperly and you can't reach them to move the vehicle, call the Frisco Non-Emergency number 970-668-8600
  • chevron_rightCan I plant trees in the open space or preservation area?
    Homeowners can plant trees in those areas.  If you plant them, it is suggested you place them randomly (so it doesn't look like a tree farm).  Please know you will be expected to care for them (water, trimming). Be sure to keep in mind that you can't plant trees on Town of Frisco owned property on each side of the roads.  Please check your plot plan from your builder or the Town of Frisco.
    Also beware that Xcel Energy has above and underground easements. SO CALL 811 before you dig!!!  Note that occasionally they come through and mark/cut trees that are too close to the power line, regardless of the location of the tree.
  • chevron_rightWhy is there so much snow plowed in front of my house?
    • The Town of Frisco requires each property to have a "snow storage area" and the area adjacent to the street is it.  Your plot plan or survey will show you exactly where it is.  If you need more information, contact the Town of Frisco planning department. 
    • Annual flowers and ground cover can be planted in that area, but the Town can dig at any time and is not responsible for any damage.
    • Contact the Architecture Review committee (ARC) before getting this or any major landscaping project started.  Also some projects may require town approval.  We do know the Town doesn't typically approve boulders or trees in that area.
    For more information on Easements (Right of Way), go to Article IX found on page 30 of the Covenants.
  • chevron_rightCan I have pets? What kind?
    • Per our covenants, you may have 2 outdoor pets, which are defined as dogs and cats.  Indoor pets are not restricted.
    • Pets must be contained within your lot and on a leash when walking.  Owners must pick up after pets and are responsible for costs due to property damage by their pets.
    Town of Frisco requirements:
    • All dogs and cats must not "run at large within the Town of Frisco" (Must be on a leash)
    • All dogs and cats should be registered with the Frisco Police Department.  This may be done in person on the first floor of Frisco Town Hall (1 Main Street) Monday-Friday from 8:00am – 5:00pm. There is a $10 charge for spayed/neutered animals and a $15 charge for all others. You must bring a current Rabies Certificate.
    For more information on Pets in The Reserve, go to Article VIII, Section 5 found on page 23 of the covenants.
  • chevron_rightWhat about a pet that comes into my yard? And how can I keep my pet in my yard without a fence?
    If a personal discussion with the pet owner does not help, animal control is handled by the Police Department of the Town of Frisco, call the non-emergency number 970-668-8600 
    Invisible fences are highly recommended, but have to be on your property only, not the snow storage area.  Before getting this or any landscaping project started, contact the ARC for more information and be sure to have someone perform utility locating services before you dig!
    For more information on Pets, go to Article VIII, Section 5 found on page 23 of the covenants. 
    For more on pet ownership in Frisco see the Town code Section 79.
  • chevron_rightThe Reserve is so lovely, what regulations exist that help keep it that way?
    • Garbage/trash can(s) can NOT be stored in exposed areas. To keep our wildlife from enjoying your trash, Cans/carts should be put on the street the morning of trash pickup ONLY.
    • Per our covenants and for our safety
      • There are no open fires or wood fire pits allowed.
      •  You should not store or dispose of branches and/or debris in your yard or any open space.
      • Our property management partner frequently inspects for debris which may cause a hazard.  If you want to report a hazard Contact Basic Property Management at 970-668-0714
    • Any add on items outside your home are to be approved by the ARC and are addressed in the design standards or the covenants.  For instance:
      • Only small satellite dishes are allowed. The location must first be approved by the ARC (architectural review committee).
      • Radon mitigation equipment or any penetration of the building envelope must be approved and painted the same color as the home.
      • Tents, storage sheds, dog runs or out buildings are not allowed on the lot unless used during construction, repair or renovation.
      • Storage is not allowed outside of your building envelope. Including but not limited to mowers, snow blowers, gas can(s), furniture, canoes, kayaks, paddle boards, sail boats).
    • Landscape should be natural looking. If possible, follow Xeriscape design principals.  Yard art, sculptures, and gas log pits are allowed but must be run by the ARC first to ensure they abide by our covenants.
    For more information on the use of the property refer to specifics in the Decs and or the “Design Standards and Procedures” 
    Remember, landscape changes have to be run by the Architecture Review Committee (ARC) first!
  • chevron_rightI have to re-roof or re-stain my house, is there anything I need to do? 
    Yes, before you proceed you need to submit the proper form and basic information to the Architectural Review Committee (ARC). This process ensures we maintain the beautiful aesthetic of the reserve. The Town of Frisco Planning department may also need to be contacted for approval of some improvements or changes, contact the building department for information.
    Information about exterior changes in The Reserve Design Standards and Procedures