Architectural Design Standards and Procedures

The intent of The Reserve at Frisco Design Standards and Procedures is to guide thoughtful design and use these procedures to keep our neighborhood looking and feeling like a natural mountain environment.
In maintaining these standards, the community enhances and secures its quality of life, property values, and visual impact. All homes built in The Reserve must conform to the architectural, site and construction standards set forth in pages 4-22 of the Procedures. In an effort to protect individual homeowner rights and property values, homeowners must submit an “Application for Home Improvements and Modifications” to the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) before any improvement(s) and/or change(s) are made to the home exterior or property.  If any change to a home exterior or surrounding property is made before receiving approval, the Board of Directors and/or Architectural Review Committee (ARC) may require an owner to change or remove that work.  
In addition to this form; plans, sketches, drawings, illustrations, photographs, dimensions, and material samples might need to be provided to sufficiently describe the project in detail.