Reserve STRs

Options to report issues with short term rentals in the neighborhood
·      For an emergency, Call 911
·      If it is not an emergency, call the Frisco Police non-emergency number: 970-668-3579
·      Call the responsible Property Rental Management Company (from below table). They are expected to respond promptly.
·      Complaints about STRs also should be filed with the Town of Frisco so they can monitor owners' compliance with the regulations 
        Hotline: 970-432-8291              Online Town STR Complaint Form
·      Call our property management partner - Basic Property Management: 970-668-0714 
Typical complaints we've had about STRs include: Too many vehicles, parking in the yard, blocking shared driveways and parking on the parking. Per Town of Frisco law and our Declarations; tenants staying in STRs are never to park on the streets. Also loud outside events, bon fires, and improper garbage disposal.
Address  Property Management Contact
209 Larson Lane
Jasmeet Dhaliwal – 617-480-2802
217 Larson Lane
Bighorn Rentals - 303-370-9146
225 Larson Lane
Bighorn Rentals - 303-370-9146
111 Lupine Lane
Jeff Newlin – 214-316-2185
211 Lupine Lane
PMI Summit Colorado – 970-368-3130
101 Windflower Lane
Turnkey Vacations – 888-512-0498
205 Windflower Lane
5 Diamond Lodging – 970-513-4500
104 Silver Bells Court
Josh Walker – 303-929-3833
114 Silver Bells Court
Felix Sanchez – 505-250-3815
208 Chiming Bells Court
Kendall Katskee – 310-567-7851
107 Rose Crown Circle
5 Diamond Lodging – 970-513-4500
111 Mountain Poppy Way
David Cole – 303-905-2775
115 Mountain Poppy Way
Pinnacle Lodging – 970-453-9140
STR Amendment Consent Ballot Communications
STR Amendment Package Mailed August 10, Ballot due October 10th
Key Documents for 2020 Annual Meeting
STR Section 4 (only) from Annual Meeting Presentation - Final, Posted July 10, 2020
Draft Written Consent Ballot for Voting on the Proposed STR Amendment
(Historic information and documents are at the bottom of this page.)
At the 2018 Annual Meeting, homeowners voted to form a Short Term Rental Committee to consider appropriate rules applicable to STRs in The Reserve. The STR Committee's recommendations were presented to homeowners at the 2019 annual meeting. The proposed STR Amendment that homeowners are now being asked to consider reflects those recommendations.
For your convenience, the links below are to STR documents either mailed to homeowners or shown at the 2019 Annual Meeting and are important context for the discussion at the virtual meeting on July 11, 2020. Residents will have the opportunity to comment and/or ask questions about the proposed Amendment through the Zoom site during this virtual meeting.  It is important to note, the vote on this issue will not occur at the virtual July 2020 annual meeting. We will mail each homeowner a ballot/consent form within 7-10 days following the annual meeting.
Short Term Rental Q&A June 25, 2020
Proposed STR Amendment (Version 1) with cover letter from HOA attorney requesting homeowner feedback. Mailed to homeowners April 2020  
Proposed STR Amendment (Version 2) with cover letter from the STR communication committee. Mailed to homeowners on June 18, 2020