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November Board Meeting via Zoom
Thursday, November 19th, 5-7PM Mountain Time
November Agenda
1. Call to Order and Roll Call
2. Proof of Notice (on October 16)
3. Homeowners Forum
4. Approval of Minutes of October 15 Board Meeting
5. Financial Report
6. ARC Report
7. Basic Property Management Report
8. Consideration of Issues Regarding STRs
9. Follow-up:  fire pit status at 211 Lupine Ln.; shared driveway at 111 Lupine Ln.; no STR license at 101 Windflower Ln.; downed tree removal; need for fencing to prevent trespassing on certain Reserve/Town boundaries
10. New Business
11. Next Meeting Date
NOTE TO HOMEOWNERS:  The Board will conduct its meeting in accordance with The Reserve's Conduct of Meetings Policy - Board of Directors Meetings [ADD LINK]. If you have a question or comment, please send to Kerry@basicproperty.com prior to the meeting, and indicate if you would like an opportunity to speak. To the extent the Board is able to answer these questions, the Board will do so during the first 15 minutes of the Board meeting. Homeowners who would like to speak will have 3 minutes to do so once called upon by the Board President.
Homeowners who choose to stay for the entire meeting will be muted, but may ask questions during the meeting using the chat function. The Board, to the extent it is able, will answer these questions during or at the end of the Board meeting.  Thank you.